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Maybe I'm Amazed

May 30, 2021

In honor of Memorial Day and to help remember all those who gave their lives at war serving the United States, today's guest on Maybe I'm Amazed is Rufus Dalton, a 96 year-old veteran of WW2. Despite being technically too young to enlist at the time, Rufus was able to join the forces and fight on the front lines in southern France. 

Rufus talks to James Howell about the clever way in which he was able to enlist, his service on the ground and what life was like in the trenches, and getting injured by shrapnel. Rufus also looks back on his life and service by considering what being part of the Greatest Generation means to him, the differences in military recruitment today versus back then, and revisiting a French town he had fought in. Finally, Rufus recites a poem from memory that a friend of his wrote that truly captures the spirit of Memorial Day.