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Maybe I'm Amazed

May 18, 2021

Frequent listeners of the podcast know what kind of affinity host James Howell has for books and reading. With an appetite for information as voracious as ever, James is never far from a good book. 

Today's guest on Maybe I'm Amazed is an author, historian and an old friend of James: Frye Gaillard. Frye, who now lives and teaches in his home state of Alabama, was once neighbors with James in Charlotte, NC. Gaillard's work, including his newest book "A Hard Rain," focus on the civil rights movement of the 1960's.

James and Frye talk on the podcast about the relationship between journalism and history, why history matters, Robert Kennedy and South African apartheid, the Beatles and Rock n' Roll, and Frye's thoughts on James' assertion that the 60s were the most important decade of the 20th century.