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Maybe I'm Amazed

May 25, 2021

"Money Rock" is what friends of Belton Platt used to call him when he was selling large amounts of cocaine in Charlotte, NC in the 1980s. The endeavors that earned Platt that nickname also landed him in federal prison for more than 20 years. Since that time, Platt has reformed himself, become a pastor, and has even started several mentorship programs.

Money Rock isn't just a nickname, it's also the title of a 2018 book written about Platt's life and urban gentrification in Charlotte written by Pam Kelly. 

Platt joins host James Howell on today's episode of Maybe I'm Amazed to talk about growing up in Piedmont Courts, his mother's activism, his experiences in prison, how he changed his life around, how he now uses basketball camps to teach leadership, and where he hears the voice of God.